Chalk Painted Mason Jars

The best tutorial for mason jars thus far!

Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night

My latest crating venture has been painting mason jars. I’ve seen them all over Etsy and Pinterest and they are SO darn cute. I especially love the “ombre” jar sets. There are so many possibilities with different colors, sizes, stencils, themes, etc. After much trial and error, I’ve figured out that the type of paint you use is key! Here’s how I tackled this project.


First, I gathered up some jars. I did a very small batch because I wanted to get the process down before I go nuts painting every jar in sight. LOL. 😀 I had a few quilted jars and also picked up these sets of mini jars at the Dollar Tree. I love the tiny size of them and think they’ll make cute “trinket jars.”


For the newer packaged jars, I just started painting. For the previously used jars, I wiped them down with rubbing alcohol…

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Why Avon? Why Now?

Avon is a household name. I have over 4 generations of Avon women in my family that have relied on Avon products to bring beauty and health to their doors. After opening my virtual assistant business in 2006 I grew to learn and understand direct sales in a better way. After 10 years of trading my time for dollars, I grew weary and tired. I spent more time building 6 figure businesses for my clients while bearing scrapping by in my own business.

After taking some time, to really write down my ‘WHY’ and revisit my life long goals, I became involved with a wellness company who has fantastic products. So, what was the issue? Why did I leave? I left because their business model and rules were not in line with my lifestyle. So, I set out to interview other direct sales companies and view their compensation plans, leadership opportunities, online marketing rules and policies. This led me to revisit my childhood favorite, Avon!